Guaranteed Quality

Our product has national and international certifications that ensure
our quality and experience in shrimp export

ASC Certification

Certified as responsible aquaculture farm.

BAP Certification

Certified for applying Best Practices in Aquaculture.

HACCP Certification

Certificates for our commitment to food safety.

Our Products

Shrimp Production, Sale and Export

Camaron Entero Grupo Cacesa

Whole Shrimp

Camaron Fresco Grupo Cacesa

Fresh Shrimp

Camaron Shell On Grupo Cacesa

Shell-On Shrimp

Camaron Precocido Grupo Cacesa

Precooked Shrimp

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Our Brands

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Deli-One Shrimp-min
Alifest Shrimp-min
Blue Coast Shrimp-min
Paradise Shrimp-min
Blue Coast Shrimp 2-min
Ocean Life Shrimp-min
Culcamar Shrimp-min