Corporación Acuícola de Centroamérica S.A.

CACESA, in 2013, assumed the administration and control of the operations of the shrimp and security companies, CULCAMAR, INMAR and BOMAR, located in the southern zone of Honduras.

Today we are building and making productive investments in the agricultural industry, with cutting-edge technology and innovative processes that allow us to be recognized as one of the most important producers of the shrimp industry.

Sustainable production


We are a company dedicated to the production, marketing and export of aquaculture products in Honduras, offering products and services that meet the expectations of our customers, using good production practices and appropriate technology that allow us to function sustainably with the ecosystem and improving the quality of life of our community through the generation of jobs.

Excellence and continuous improvement


To be a consolidated company of the shrimp farming industry in the southern zone of Honduras, providing a certified product to meet the requirements of our customers, using continuous improvement as our work philosophy.


For our collaborators, for our environment and for all those who contribute to the development of our company's activities and that allow us to achieve our organizational objectives.


With our environment, through the application of good production practices and the use of eco-friendly inputs in which we develop our cultivation activities.


To our collaborators, so that they carry out their work effectively and efficiently. To our clients, to be able to establish negotiations in clear and well defined terms.


In all functions, production and administration activities, to make appropriate decisions that do not affect the company, shareholders, our employees and customers.