Corporación Acuícola de Centroamérica S. A.

We are a company dedicated to the production, marketing and export of aquaculture products in Honduras, offering products and services that meet the expectations of our customers, using good production practices and appropriate technology that allow us to function sustainably with the ecosystem, improving the quality of life of our community by generating jobs.

More than

years of experience

More than

farm hectares

More than

countries to which we export

More than

mill. lb. exported each year

Excellence in the whole process

From production to export we guarantee the best product

Laboratorio Camaron

1. Laboratory

We select the healthiest and fastest growing shrimp.

Maduracion Camaron

2. Maturation

The first phase of cultivation, intercourse, spawning, hatching and production of the first larvae occurs.

Finca Grupo Cacesa

3. Farms

We sow the shrimp preparing it for the fattening cycle using cutting-edge aquaculture technology.

Planta Camaron

4. Plant

We process the shrimp in our different presentations, packing, storing and getting ready for export.

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Barrio San Juan Bosco, de la Clínica Diálisis, 3 cuadras al Sur y media al Oeste, Choluteca, Honduras.